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How'd you fancy a dirty weekend in brighton with us!

Dirty Weekend in Brighton, in its present form, have been together since late 2012. Originally we started as ‘Morning Glory’ but we felt it sounded too much like a Manchester type band, probably because of Oasis (Morning Glory). We played around with a few names and aptly came up with Dirty Weekend, we’ve added 'in Brighton' because there are some other bands around the country called that as well.


Our line up consists of Rachel Butler(Lead singer) Joe Marcos(Lead guitar) Monty(Drums) Clive Butler(Bass) Wama Marmont(Rhythm guitar). We've had a change of personnel since forming. Notably, former lead singer, Phil Nye parted in Dec 2017 & Creeda Kirkham (Drums), Marcos Gonnzatto, Jo and John Le Serve have also left. Charasmatic JC (Joe Colburn) has parted due to illness.  We played our first gig at The Neptune, in Hove on Feb 16th 2013 and enjoyed every bit of the journey. We have built a great reputation, our highlight gigs are supporting Dr Feelgood @ The Concorde Club, Headlining The Old Markets in Brighton and The sell out Locke Fyne festival in Scotland.

We released our originals album in Jan 2017 and are working on the 2nd one. We are available for originals or covers gigs. Feel free to contact. You can also purchase a book about us by ex singer Phil Nye. An interesting read of a mid life crises and the characters involved with the local music scene.

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